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PlayStation Is Rumored To Be Working On Pro Controllers For The PS5

According to a recent report, Sony is working on a PlayStation 5 DualSense Pro controller with paddles and interchangeable joysticks

Most consoles' stock controllers are adequate for the vast majority of games, although some players prefer unique configurations for certain titles or genres. Fighting game aficionados will not hesitate to purchase huge arcade sticks, whilst racing game fans will purchase wheels and pedals for a more immersive racing experience. Some companies produce higher-quality controllers that are more expensive than those included with consoles, but are made of sturdier materials and have additional features, such as the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller, which comes with a set of weights that can be inserted into the controller to better suit the player's comfort.

Sony appears to be on the verge of announcing a PS5 DualSense controller update. Tom Henderson said on Twitter and in a post for TryHardGuides that Sony would unveil a pro version of the DualSense in the near future, maybe around the end of the month, when Sony is also expected to disclose other non-console technology. The controller was jokingly referred to as the "PS5 Pro Controller," but unless Sony is disregarding the DualSense branding, that won't be the official moniker. This claim has yet to be verified, so take it with a grain of salt until Sony makes an official statement.

According to reports, the new controller will include detachable analog sticks. This would make replacing drifting joysticks much easier, which has been a big concern in the business. There have previously been complaints of PS5 DualSense controller drift, and because changing the joysticks entails disassembling the controller, readily interchangeable joysticks are one solution to the drift problem. The new controllers will also include paddles (also known as rear buttons), which are customizable buttons on the back of the controller and are found on a number of third-party controllers, as well as trigger stops, which are grips placed on the shoulder buttons that reduce the amount of time it takes to press them.

The PS5 has been available for over a year and a half, yet the system's console scarcity remains a big concern. This hasn't been the case with the PS5's peripherals, as Sony has had little trouble getting DualSense controllers to market, with multiple colored DualSense controllers being released throughout the last year. Because the third-party hardware industry has shown that users are willing to pay more for better controllers, Sony might release PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers with greater functionality in 2022.

Source: Tom Henderson

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