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Pokemon Fans Are Some Of The Most Creative But One Went All Out For Halloween

A Pokemon fan flexes their DIY muscles by making an impressive homemade Houndoom Halloween costume for their dog.

Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean Pokemon fans can't express their enthusiasm with a fantastic costume design, as one pet owner has done by creating a tremendous Houndoom outfit for their dog. Though the puppy lacks the Pokemon's fiery abilities, it more than compensates with an attractive presentation that would give any challenging trainer pause.

The devilish Generation 2 Pokemon is a Dark/Fire-type that excels in special attacks and speed and employs a slew of sinister-sounding moves such as Nasty Plot. Despite its hellish demeanor and eerie Pokedex entry, Houndoom and its previous evolutionary stage, Houndour, have become fan favorites over the years. Houndoom is one of the few Pokemon with a Mega evolution.

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A Reddit user emphasized the similarities by dressing their own faithful hound in an amazing DIY Houndoom outfit. AdAgreeable9126 recently posted a video of their dog sporting the Pokemon's most distinguishing features, which include a pointed tail, bony, rib-like formations on its back, and white curving horns.

They even got the pet to wear cuff and necklace accessories with Houndoom's features. When asked what breed it is, the user said it's a cross between a Doberman and a German Shepherd. Many commenters pointed out that the combination of breeds produced an almost perfect template for creating a Houndoom. The resemblance to Pokemon is uncanny, from the build to the coloring.

Though there are numerous inventive Pokemon Halloween costumes available, this dog's outfit is without a doubt among the most natural of fits. Houndoom has certainly left its mark on the fan community, with appearances in a number of Pokemon games, the long-running Pokemon anime, manga, and more. Despite never reaching the heights of Pokemon such as Pikachu or Lucario, Houndoom has captured the hearts of many fans and inspired a wide range of art. After all, people love dogs in video games, and the Pokemon's staying power may be largely due to the fact that it closely resembles man's best friend, though its demonic allure also helps.

Source: Reddit

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