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Power Rangers: Morphin Legends Allows You To Play As Your Favorite Ranger

Morphin Legends, a new mobile RPG that lets users to create their own Power Rangers teams, has been announced by nWay, the creator of Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

According to Comicbook, nWay has just unveiled Power Rangers: Morphin Legends, a new team-based RPG that will be soft-launching later today for iOS and Android-compatible mobile devices. Morphin Legends, billed as a "mobile character-collection role-playing game," allowing users to create their own unique team of Rangers and confront enemies in turn-based battles. They will be able to enlist additional characters along the road, including some of the most known villains from the Power Rangers franchise. There is no news on which characters will be available, nor on whether the Power Rangers' famous Zord battle machines would play a role in Morphin Legend. Fans who want to discover more about Power Rangers: Morphin Legends may do so by visiting the game's official website, which was also launched earlier today.

While many Power Rangers fans dream for a triple-A movie starring their beloved Teenagers with Attitude, developer nWay keeps the brand alive on a smaller scale with games like Battle For The Grid and Morphin Legends. With nearly 30 seasons of television under its belt, as well as numerous movies and comic books, the Power Rangers franchise is rich with memorable characters that the developer can use for its new mobile RPG, Power Rangers: Morphin Legends, which players will be able to test out when the trial run begins.

Source: Comicbook, Power Rangers: Morphin Legends

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