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Producer Says Nicolas Cage's National Treasure 3 Is Still In The Works

National Treasure 3 featuring Nicolas Cage is still in the works, according to franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who also provides an encouraging update

As Benjamin Franklin Gates, a descendant of a family of treasure hunters who tours the country in pursuit of precious things linked to various US historical people, Cage headed the cast of the National Treasure films. Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha, Jon Voight, and Harvey Keitel were among the primary cast members for the first two National Treasure films, with Sean Bean playing the villain in the first film and Ed Harris playing the antagonist in the sequel. The National Treasure films have both been box office blockbusters and are considered public favorites, while earning mixed reviews from critics for their bizarre stories. Those waiting for the franchise's comeback have exciting news coming their way.

One fan asked producer Jerry Bruckheimer whether he plans to work with Nicolas Cage anytime soon during a recent AMA on Top Gun's Reddit account. Not only did Bruckheimer show his admiration for the Oscar winner, but he also gave Cage an interesting update on a long-awaited sequel. See what Bruckheimer had to say about it below:

"Absolutely. I love Nicolas, he's a brilliant actor and we are currently working on a script for National Treasure."

Bruckheimer's announcement that National Treasure 3 is still in the works comes more than two years after Chris Bremner was introduced as the scriptwriter, however Cage has lately stated that he has neither read the screenplay nor been contacted by Disney. Cage felt Disney had placed the project on hold to work on the National Treasure TV series, which will serve as a sequel to the film franchise and include Justin Bartha's Riley. With a cast that includes Lisette Alexis, Lyndon Smith, Zuri Reed, Jake Austin Walker, Antonio Cipriano, Jordan Rodrigues, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, the Disney+ program will largely focus on a new, youthful group of characters.

While Bruckheimer's update does not provide a release date for the picture, the fact that National Treasure 3 featuring Nicolas Cage is still in the works is likely to excite fans of the franchise. It also comes at a time when Cage's career is on the rise in the indie film world, thanks to the critically praised drama Pig and the well-received meta action comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. While fans wait for further information on a possible National Treasure 3, they can watch the previous two films on Disney+ right now.

Source: Reddit

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