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Released Pictures From Marvel's Cancelled MMO Reveal Factions & Customization

Shots from the recently-cancelled Marvel MMO have emerged, revealing several of the game's gameplay elements, such like factions

Initially revealed in 2021, this MMO was on course to be developed in collaboration with Daybreak and EG7. Unfortunately, EG7 came out last week with the announcement that the Marvel MMO had been canceled, and Daybreak had stopped developing it.

Due to the vast magnitude of the project, the expenditure, and the time required to construct and maintain it, the Marvel MMO was finally shelved. Instead, the corporations will transfer their attention to other initiatives. While no gameplay has ever been revealed, concept art featuring characters like as Iron Man, Captain America, and Red Skull had been shared on Twitter. This suggests that the game would have featured a large number of well-known Marvel characters, both on the hero and evil sides.

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New pictures from the shelved Marvel MMO have surfaced, according to Video Games Chronicle, illustrating what player character creation may have looked like. The character customization panel in the game would have looked like this in these photographs. An assortment of factions surrounds an in-game depiction of a generated persona from which the player might choose. Players might have sided with the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, or SHIELD in this MMO. The pictures also show off a visual style influenced by Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, with vibrant colors and a highly stylized aesthetic that players may alter as they build their avatars.

The tribute to Into the Spiderverse art direction appears to be a deviation from the initial concept image, which was less stylized and more detailed. Building a Spider-Verse-inspired persona would undoubtedly appeal to many Marvel fans, so it wouldn't have been an unwanted move. Since the film's premiere, its success has had a significant impact on Marvel's aesthetic and narrative, so it's no wonder that the influence has continued in their video games. The snapshot even includes comic-book-style bubbles and blocks, similar to those found in Marvel's books and the Spiderverse.

As previously said, no gameplay footage has ever been published, but fans may get a glimpse of what it would have been like thanks to these images. Gamers might have sided with their favorite Marvel characters as their own hero with other players, be it for the Avengers or the Fantastic Four. While the rest of the world may never see it, fans may look forward to the other projects EG7 and Daybreak will be working on instead.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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