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Resident Evil 2 Mod Incorporates Hauntingly Happy Pikachu Into Creepy Hallways

Pikachu, with a lovely smile on its face, stalks Leon through the murky corridors of Raccoon City in a funny-yet-bizarre Resident Evil 2 hack

Resident Evil 2 has received its fair share of fan modifications, much like Resident Evil 3's remake in 2020. This involves searching for ways to heighten the fear of the main game or inject some levity into the otherwise somber proceedings. Some of these RE 2 modifications add VR functionality and a terrifying first-person viewpoint, while others restore the original game's fixed-camera vision. Others are simple reskins that replace Resident Evil 2's primary protagonists with Dead Space 2's Isaac Clarke or Dino Crisis' Regina, as well as replacing the fearsome Mr. X with Resident Evil 3's equally lethal Nemesis.

Resident Evil 2 gamers will now be pursued by the ever-adorable Pikachu of the Pokémon franchise, rather than as a seven-foot-tall zombie creature. Marcos RC, a Twitter user, and 3D artist, just uploaded small gameplay footage of a Resident Evil 2 mod accessible on their Patreon. It introduces the adorable, electric-powered rodent into the darker streets of Raccoon City, as demonstrated when Leon discovers a wild Pikachu in a wrecked house. The Pokémon franchise's Electric-type mouse emblem approaches the unfortunate cop with a mocking smirk on its face before hitting Leon with remarkably sluggish attacks. Pikachu, meanwhile, punctuates each strike with a charming little scream of "Pika! Pika!"

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Capcom just confirmed that its series of Resident Evil remakes would continue with the fan-favorite Resident Evil 4 - which was introduced at last month's PlayStation State Of Play showcase and shown off in further detail in last week's Capcom Showcase live stream. In Resident Evil 4 Remake, Leon S. Kennedy returns with a much darker demeanor as he seeks to rescue the president's daughter Ashley Graham from a deadly cult in rural Spain. Popular characters such as Ada Wong may also make an appearance, according to a new gameplay video. Pikachu from Pokémon is one of the last characters you'd expect to see in a Resident Evil game, and the charming little lightning mouse isn't normally threatening. For fans of either series, though, witnessing the fan-favorite Nintendo mascot rise from the murky ruins of Raccoon City to terrify Leon in Resident Evil 2 is both weird and amusing.

Source: Marcos RC - Patreon

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