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Samuel L. Jackson Teases Another Role For Nick Fury In A Mysterious MCU Project

After announcing that reshoots for Secret Invasion and The Marvels are not occurring, Samuel L. Jackson teases Nick Fury's return for a mysterious MCU project

Jackson's character, Nick Fury, has played an important part in the shared universe from his first appearance in the post-credits sequence in Iron Man. Nick Fury featured in some capacity in five of the six Phase 1 MCU films, and he made four cameos in Phase 3. However, Nick Fury is poised to play a key part in Phase 4. Fury is set to feature in three MCU Phase 4 projects, according to current plans. Jackson will make his debut appearance in the forthcoming Disney+ drama Secret Invasion. After that, he'll appear in The Marvels, which is supposed to have a strong connection to Secret Invasion. Jackson has even hinted at an appearance in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Now, Jackson suggests that he'll be reprising his role as Fury in a secret MCU project. On his Instagram story, the actor shows himself in a cosmetics trailer getting the Nick Fury beard and eye scars done. However, it does not appear that the filming is for any MCU projects that Nick Fury has previously been confirmed for. All of the aforementioned films have wrapped production, and Jackson recently said that reshoots for Secret Invasion and The Marvels will not begin until this autumn, at the earliest in August. It's probable that reshoots for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania have begun, but this hasn't been confirmed.

It looks that Jackson is working on his fourth Phase 4 project, based on the enigma surrounding his Nick Fury comeback hint. Marvel Studios is presently filming no films, however Mahershala Ali's Blade is set to begin production soon. This might indicate that Fury will appear in another Disney+ program. Echo is confirmed to be in production, but Ironheart and Loki season 2 started filming this week as well. Regardless of whatever project Fury appears in, it's apparent that, like Wong's many Phase 4 appearances, Jackson's character will serve as the MCU's connecting thread once again. As Phase 4 progresses and the shared universe drifts further away from the original Avengers, it makes logical to have him serve in this position. Perhaps all of his appearances will lead to the establishment of the MCU's next Avengers lineup and the announcement of Avengers 5 in the near future.

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