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Sandman Star Discusses Support For Creator Neil Gaiman's Johanna Constantine Spinoff

Jenna Coleman of The Sandman says she'd love to develop a Johanna Constantine spinoff show, and author Neil Gaiman agrees.

According to The Hollywood Reporter. Coleman said that she has heard from The Sandman writer Neil Gaiman himself that fans have been requesting a Johanna Constantine spinoff program. The actor then said that Gaiman and Heinberg were on board with a Johanna Constantine spinoff. "Yeah, Neil and Allan are definitely on board," she said.

"They appear to believe it's a terrific idea." "One of the reasons that I wanted to do The Sandman was that the character felt so formed, and what was really thoughtful of Neil and Allan is that they sent the script over to me, but they didn’t tell me who the character was," Coleman explained. "So I didn’t know it was Constantine when I read it. So I formed my own thoughts about who this person was without having any preconceptions of Constantine before, which was really smart. But yeah, Neil filled me in."

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However, before any talk of a spinoff series can begin, fans have been waiting to know if The Sandman would return for a second season. Coleman has yet to receive any updates on this front. "I know that conversations are ongoing, but I've been quite off-grid in the Arizona desert," she explained, alluding to the previous several months filming her newest Series in Prime Video Wilderness. Gaiman has stated that one reason for Netflix's delaying decision to renew the program might be that people prefer to watch it in installments rather than bingeing it all at once.

The Sandman, based on Neil Gaiman's comic book series of the same name, follows Morpheus (Tom Sturridge), the King of Dreams, as he escapes from his century-long incarceration and embarks on a mission to restore his realm to its former splendor. The series received rave reviews from both fans and reviewers, with many praising it for faithfully reproducing the original material. The first season of The Sandman is now accessible on Netflix. The streaming service has yet to confirm if a second season is in the works.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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