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Save Batwoman Billboards Have Appeared As Fans Campaign For HBO To Renew The Series

Following its cancellation, #SaveBatwoman billboards have begun to emerge, with fans urging HBO Max to renew the Arrowverse drama for a fourth season.

While The CW has consistently renewed the majority of its popular series, the year 2022 has yielded some unexpected results. Because The CW's co-owners, WarnerMedia and Paramount, are attempting to sell the network, the status quo for the associated programming, including the many Arrowverse series that are still airing, has altered. After the third season ended in March, Batwoman became one of the DC properties on the bubble. After a long wait, The CW finally decided to discontinue Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow after three seasons.

Viewers have expressed their unhappiness with Batwoman's sudden finale on social media, as upsetting as it was for the cast members involved. Following the cancellation, people are now speaking out beyond the television. Javicia Leslie, who played Ryan Wilder in the show, uploaded an image of a Save Batwoman billboard that has appeared in New York, in the hopes of launching a campaign to save the canceled drama from HBO Max. Take a look at the image below:

The majority of the original Arrowverse programs are available to view on Netflix and will be for a few years after the series has concluded its broadcast run. The CW program Batwoman, on the other hand, is not available on Netflix. Following the conclusion of season 1, Batwoman becomes the first Arrowverse series to launch on HBO Max in 2019. As Warner Bros.' initial license relationship with Netflix expired a few years ago, newer DC TV programs like Superman & Lois, Stargirl, and Naomi have found a home on the HBO-branded streaming service.

It's not a given that HBO Max will bring Batwoman back, but it's also not impossible. Given that HBO Max currently has its license rights, the studio and streamer may rescue Batwoman, which would be easier than securing Legends of Tomorrow season 8 thanks to the Netflix contract. canceled series have been salvaged by other networks or streaming services in the age of social media, because to fans showing their support on platforms like Twitter, where hashtags like #SaveBatwoman may trend. Regardless of whether or if Batwoman season 4 airs on HBO Max, these fan movements demonstrate the power of television fans today. Only time will tell whether Batwoman will be renewed for a second season on HBO Max.

Source: Javicia Leslie

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