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Screenshot From An Old Time Magazine From The Year 1999 Show Letters Describing The Pokémon Craze

An Old Clipping From The Famous Time Magazine From The Year 1999 Shows Letters From Both Kids And Adults And How They Felt About The Pokémon Phenomenon At The Time

Time Magazine first came out almost 100 years ago today, way back in 1923. And in that time span, it became one of the most influential pieces of written work in the world because of the sort of informative guide it became to what is happening in the world, covering topics such as current affairs, politics, business, health, science, and entertainment. And to be around for so long and to cover so much, it has literally seen the rise and fall of some of the world's biggest crazes and fads you have ever seen regarding all topics.

And the craze is the most crucial word in all that. Because you see, if you look it up on Google, the proper definition for the word "Craze" is an enthusiasm for a particular activity or object which appears suddenly and achieves widespread but short-lived popularity. For a very long time, that is what people have always associated the Pokémon franchise with. When Pokémon finally migrated to the west in the late 1990s, the "adults" at the time were not sure what it was but were left dumbfounded by it. How with the speed like a forest fire, kids all over the country and world were obsessed with the Japanese franchise. Ravenously consuming the series of games and anime presented.

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And since during that time social media was not even a phrase in the dictionary yet, people did not have many places they could go to vent their thoughts and frustration, either in a positive or negative way. But that is where Time Magazine steps in. People wrote into the magazine after a recent Pokémon article was published on it and shared their thoughts and feeling about the matter. Now thanks to Reddit user AxlCobainVedder who shared a snippet of a feature from 1999 we see what people's thoughts were.

Attitudes regarding the obsession were seriously mixed, and honestly a tad bit surprising in a good way to say the least. It is quite logical to think that children would have favorable views about Pokémon, but there were also comments from adults who praised the show for teaching children and improving their language, arithmetic, and memory abilities.

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But of course, with the good comes the bad and the annoyingly stupid to be precise. One person compared the kids who want to buy Pokémon items to the parent's want of buying foreign luxury cars. Someone should have told that person than if you had bought Pokémon cards back then and saved them you might be actually able to buy any luxury cars you want with those cards. Another accused Time Magazine of being nothing more than an advertisement magazine for their parent company. And my personal favorite went as far as to say how kids will have forgotten all their Pokémon junk after a measly six months. Well, six months flew by, more exact actually is closer to 25 years, and Pokémon is still around and probably even stronger than ever. With its 25th anniversary just passed, to honor the games and series as a whole and demonstrate how much they still represent to so many people, there was a massive release of games, merchandise, cards, and even musical collaborations. Pokémon has just become one of those things which found itself in a cultural cycle. As new generations are born they get introduced to this phenomenon with the adults in their lives, and then they fall in love with this amazing world. And as long as it keeps bringing people together, creating joy and memories, I say long live the Pokémon world and cheers to another 25 years.

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