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Season 2 Of Chucky Will Feature Fiona Dourif's Nica According To The Show's Creator

Don Mancini teases Fiona Dourif's return as Nica Pierce in the upcoming Chucky season 2, which will be released this autumn, in a snapshot uploaded on Twitter

Nica, Dourif's character, originally appears in Curse of Chucky as a young paraplegic woman who is blamed for the activities of the doll, then reappeared in Cult of Chucky only to be possessed by the killer and leave with Jennifer Tilly's Tiffany. With the television series picking up immediately after the events of the 2017 chapter, viewers witnessed the character's fight to recover control of her body as well as her relationship with Tiffany, which led to a contentious finale. Tiffany sedated Chucky and surgically amputated her arms and legs to guarantee Chucky would not attack her for wanting to keep Nica alive. Many fans of the franchise thought that this moment betrayed Nica, who they felt had already endured enough. Given how her story ended, people questioned whether she would ever return.

Don Mancini has confirmed Fiona Dourif's return for Season 2 of Chucky in a recent photograph released on Twitter. The snapshot depicts the two in what seems to be a backstage scenario, with the phrase "NICA HAS LANDED." Check out the official tweet from the creator below:

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Dourif isn't the only returning cast member for Chucky season 2. Tilly and Devon Sawa have both already been announced for season 2. Despite the fact that his characters, twins Lucas and Logan Wheeler, died in season one, Sawa claimed that he is playing a new character this season, although specifics about the role are being kept under wraps. Back in April, the actor hinted the start of production.

It will be intriguing to watch what happens to Nica Pierce in Season 2 of Chucky. Given how many people were outraged by what happened to her in the season 1 finale, viewers can only hope that her ordeal is finally over and that she finds a way to wreak retribution. When Chucky returns this autumn, fans can expect to see Fiona Dourif and other familiar faces.

Source: Don Mancini

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