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Season 2 Of Heels Has An Official Release Date

The second season of Starz's wrestling drama series Heels has a launch date, with Stephen Amell reprising his role as Jack Spade.

Season 2 of Heels has a release date. The second season of Heels, starring Stephen Amell, will air on Starz on October 9, according to PWInsider. Heels follow brothers, rivals, and professional wrestlers Jack Spade (Amell) and Ace Spade (Alexander Ludwig) as they play out scripted battles in the ring and cope with their real-life disagreements.

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Amell has been sharing behind-the-scenes views of his training regimen for the wrestling drama as Season 2 approaches. In April, the actor posted a video of his superhero-level training program, which included curling 105 to 120 pounds. Amell was in Atlanta, GA filming Season 2 of Heels at the time. In June, the actor released a video of himself recovering from his role as Jack Spade, which included soaking in an ice bath.

The second season of Heels will premiere in November 2021. Season 1 debuted on Starz in August of that year, following extensive production delays caused in part by the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, as well as Amell's back injury while doing a stunt. "I really shattered my hip and didn't recognize it when I did it," Amell revealed of the stunt in July 2021. "Big Show sent me a message that said, 'Nice Coast to Coast.' That appeared to be rather stiff.' And I felt like I was sitting on a tennis ball at the moment. I had no idea what was going on."

Prior to appearing in Heels, Amell was the eponymous Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on The CW's long-running Arrow series for eight seasons, which gave rise to the Arrowverse. Season 2 of Heels has been rumored to have Arrow tie-ins, however, these claims have not been confirmed and there is no indication of what those tie-ins may be. In a recent interview, Amell stated that if he were to resume his role as Green Arrow, he would take it to a far different – and perhaps bloodier – level. "Certainly, sure. I owe a great deal to the employees of DC, The CW, and Warner Bros. Television "Amell discussed a possible comeback to the franchise.

Source: ComicBook.com

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