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Sega Reveals Plans For Several Remakes And Remasters This Year

Sega has announced that they would be releasing a slew of remasters, remakes, and spin-offs for some of their most popular series in the next year.

Sega has a lot to work with when it comes to transferring old titles to newer platforms, thanks to its long years in the industry and several brands. Sega has recently demonstrated a strong dedication to remastering vintage titles and making them widely accessible. Despite the fact that Sega games are not as popular as they were in the 1990s, they continue to attract a large number of new players with each release, thereby increasing the studio's reach to a wider audience every day. These remasters also cater to Sega classics enthusiasts who played them at launch and have expressed a wish to play them on modern gear. It's a commercial strategy that appears to be working for Sega while also pleasing its fans.

With the popularity of the remaster/remake/spin-off trend, it's only natural that Sega would do more to capitalize on it. Sega, according to IGN, has plans for even more of similar projects over the coming year, including revisiting other IPs that have yet to be re-released. Sega said in its annual results presentation that it plans to release 13 games this fiscal year – and with six titles previously confirmed for that time frame (April 2022-March 2023), that leaves seven projects that have yet to be teased.

It's worth noting that while Sega stated that new releases are included in the lineup roadmap, it's unclear how many of the remaining seven spots will be filled by new titles. Sonic has gotten a lot of attention recently, both to the success of its second film and the announcement of Sonic Origins, so it's logical to expect that Sega will take a break from Sonic after June. Jet Set Radio, Virtua Fighter, and Streets of Rage, on the other hand, are all rational forecasts.

The possibilities for the future are unlimited now that Sega is coming up to the concept of bringing back previous IPs. Sega has teamed up with Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest, so fans may get an early peak at what's in store when the festival kicks off on June 9. If not, Sega has already revealed a number of new projects that players may anticipate this summer.

Source: IGN

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