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Silent Hill 2 Remake Could Include Several Episodes

Silent Hill rumors will be frequent until Konami announces its announcement, and the latest one suggests that the sequel's remake might be episodic.

The second sequel in the unsettling series is a landmark entry in the genre and one of the most cherished psychological horror games ever developed. While many would prefer to see Konami produce a brand-new game in the genre, others would be content with a remake of SH2, which previous rumors said was in the works.

Fortunately, there will be an announcement very soon, as Konami is set to reveal Silent Hill news on October 19. What this will involve is unknown at this time, but it will hopefully shed a lot of light on matters, vindicating people who have been waiting for a new game for years. Some members of the community have given up hope of a sequel or reboot.

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Others are still hoping that the developer would reveal that either a new entry is on the way or that the sequel will make a reappearance in the shape of an official remake. This newest speculation comes from Twitter user SHNHorror, who posted a screenshot that appears to indicate that, if a remake of Silent Hill 2 is made, it will be in numerous sections.

They received a message that their content was being "monetized by the copyright owner" as they prepared to stream on their channel. The copyrighted movie in issue is "Silent Hill 2: Part 1," according to certain features of the video being broadcast, which the uploader simply named "test."

Indeed, a few Redditors have compared this to the remake of Final Fantasy 7, which is divided into many portions. As with everything Silent Hill, there has been no word on whether a remake or additional episodes are presented in the works. It's advisable to accept everything spoken thus far with a grain of salt. With fresh reports that Silent Hill's Pyramid Head designer may be returning, horror aficionados can't turn away from thoughts regarding Konami resurrecting its dormant franchise. Fans will have to wait to see what the studio has in store for them. Fortunately, that won't be the case for long, since Konami's Silent Hill Transmission is set to release on October 19.

Source: Reddit

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