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Skyrim Fan Creates A Watercolor Painting Of The Game's Alchemy Ingredients

A fan of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim creates a lovely watercolor painting of various alchemical ingredients.

Alchemy is a skill that players in Skyrim can learn. This skill allows players to combine raw ingredients to create potions and poisons. It is one of the three crafting skills that can be learned in Skyrim and can be very useful to master because alchemy allows players to make useful potions.

A Reddit user named mariella art shared a painting inspired by Skyrim's alchemy skill. The painting features alchemy ingredients from Skyrim, such as blue butterfly wings and bleeding crowns. The work has beautiful brush strokes and a great use of color, as well as a level of detail that can only be achieved with watercolor.

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Mariella art's work has a few followers. One commenter wondered if the artist sold their work, while another wondered if they made a living as illustrators. A user stated that they believe it is past time for a Skyrim coloring book, while another gamer stated that they would love to have a herbalism art book filled with works similar to those displayed by mariella art.

Mariella art isn't the only artist using watercolor to depict Skyrim's world. A Reddit user named BassClefCat215 shared a painting of the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora, or "Herma" for short. The character's distinct tentacles are featured in the work, which it uses to siphon knowledge from mortals, killing them in the process.

The Prince's numerous eyes were also captured, as were several sheets of paper containing the information that it seeks. Herma is one of Skyrim's darker characters, and she was well-portrayed in the piece. Both BassClefCat215 and mariella art did an excellent job of capturing the world of the game in watercolor, demonstrating how versatile the medium can be.

Source: Reddit

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