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Sombra And Sigma Interact In A New Clip From Overwatch 2 That Could Suggest They Are Friends

A clip being shared from the upcoming game Overwatch 2 provides an interesting insight into Sombra's character we have not seen before as she is shown being protective over the good doctor Sigma and being protective over him

Overwatch was first released way back in 2016 and at the time took the world by storm. Overwatch received universal acclaim from critics, who praised the game for its accessibility, the diverse appeal of its hero characters, its cartoonish art style, and enjoyable gameplay. Overwatch is Blizzard's fourth major franchise and has been a major success for the company in ways I do not even think they imagined. With a reported $1 billion in revenue during the first year of its release and had more than 50 million players after three years. Overwatch is considered to be among the greatest video games of all time, receiving numerous game of the year awards and other accolades.

But beyond just the gaming aspect of it, they have created a bountiful world and an amazing array of characters that are blossoming with amazing lore and the potential for groundbreaking stories to be told. From in-game interactions to My Hero information and the amazing Overwatch cinematic which has been released online, we have seen just a fraction of the character's personalities and stories.

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Overwatch 2 has already confirmed that it will continue the work that its predecessor started by continuing telling stories from the Overwatch world but this time delves deeper and give more substance and importance to the stories it's telling. Even though, the method in which more stories will be told, PVE, will, unfortunately, be launched after as it has been delayed. Fans of the lore no need to fret, as it has been already proven there's a lot of story and characterization to be found in Overwatch 2's multiplayer, too.

As we already mentioned in brief before, like there is in Overwatch one aspect will be copied in Overwatch 2, and that is the in-game interactions. When starting a new game and characters are chosen and players are waiting in the starting zone for the round to start, the game may randomly elicit a unique audio interaction between two of the chosen characters. That is exactly what has happened in a new clip that has shown this new and unique interaction between Sombra and Sigma.

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As interesting as this clip might be, one thing is for sure it has raised more questions than answers. For example, why would Sombra be willing to step up and protect Sigma from Talon and Moira? What kind of relationship do these two have? What sort of state is Sombra and Talon's relationship now? There has been no previous relationship development between these two before and so this could be a nice little snippet of just a tiny part of Overwatch's future story before even Overwatch 2 releases. With it now being right around the corner this is a great way to hold over Overwatch fans who will for sure come up with interesting theories and ideas before figuring out the answer.

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