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Star Of Pixar New Movie Lightyear Chris Evans Has Said That Toy Story's Rex Should Get A Movie Next

Andy's dinosaur Rex, according to Lightyear voice actor Chris Evans, should be the next Toy Tale character to earn an origin story spinoff film

With Woody's departure with Bo-Peep at the end of Toy Story 4, it appeared like Disney was abandoning the brand. However, during Disney Investor Day in December 2020, it was announced that a brand-new Toy Story film named Lightyear will be released in cinemas. The company explained that Lightyear is the movie Andy saw in cinemas back in 1995, hence Evans was cast as Buzz's voice instead of Tim Allen. Despite not earning the same level of appreciation as earlier Toy Story films, Lightyear has gotten excellent reviews, paving the way for additional sequels and spinoffs in the world. Although Pixar has yet to announce Lightyear 2 or any other spinoffs, Evans believes Rex should be the next Toy Tale character to have his own origin story. When asked which character should receive a standalone movie next in a recent dog interview with Buzzfeed Celeb, the actor said, "Rex, I suppose. Isn't it true that Rex would make a terrific movie? "With the small puppies crawling on him, he reaffirms his statement. Check out the video below to see Evans' reaction while playing with puppies:

Lightyear marks the beginning of a new era for the Toy Story franchise, but it's unclear what Disney's plans are for the future. Depending on the success of the first film, a sequel appears to be a significant possibility. If the studio is unsure about bringing another movie to the big screen, a Star Command TV program may be an alternative. Rex is only one of several characters that may be the subject of a spinoff, but Woody is the most obvious candidate. Woody was previously a member of a program called Woody's Round-Up in the Toy Story world, so this may be a method to continue the series without going beyond the events of Toy Story 4. Rex is one of Toy Story's most adored characters, yet it's difficult to picture him receiving his own major film. That doesn't rule out the possibility of Rex having a future in the Lightyear universe. The Buzz Lightyear spinoff featured a lot of time travel, and Zurg even claimed that he possessed the ability to travel back in time. The protagonists might travel back in time to meet Rex if it fits into the story of Lightyear 2. However, with Lightyear only just reaching theaters this week, it's too early to speculate on Disney's plans for future Toy Story flicks.

Source: Buzzfeed Celeb

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