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Storyline Cut From Elden Ring Would Have Revealed Much More Darker Story For Kalé

The benevolent figure, the Three Fingers, and the Grand Caravan would have gotten greater attention if a cut Elden Ring questline featuring the merchant Kalé had been included

The Lands Between, a large open-world fantasy environment full of interesting individuals to meet and brutal bosses to overcome, is where Elden Ring leads players. The main purpose of Elden Ring is for players to reach Leyndell's capital city, enter the mysterious Erdtree, and claim the title of Elden Lord. However, players will encounter various NPCs throughout the game, each with their own individual aims and questlines. Despite the fact that one particular Elden Ring NPC, merchant Kalé does not have his own questline in the final game, a data miner identified a deleted plot centered on him.

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Throughout the game, the pleasant figure may be located in the Church of Elleh, however, Sekiro Dubi recently discovered a cut questline in which the trader travels throughout the Lands Between. Kalé's search for his people's Grand Caravan would lead him to the Subterranean Shunning Grounds, where the Three Fingers are interred with his people. Kalé would drive players to accept the Three Fingers as a form of vengeance for the deaths of his people, unlocking a terrible alternate ending to Elden Ring.

The affable salesperson Merchant Kalé is a notable feature of Elden Ring's early days, but a full questline would have allowed him to have a far bigger influence. Melina is highly criticized for her decision to support the Three Fingers, although Kalé's presence may have made the decision much more palatable. Elden Ring fans now have a better idea of how Kalé may have affected the game thanks to Sekiro Dubi.

Source: PC Gamer - Sekiro Dubi

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