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Stranger Things Breaks A Netflix Record By Dominating The Top Ten Shows

Stranger Things has swept the top ten most-watched Netflix series in a single week, with all four seasons claiming the top four spots

Stranger Things season 4 made a triumphant return to small screens this May, bringing the worlds of Hawkins, Indiana, and the Upside Down back to life. Season 4 has already become a favorite among many Stranger Things viewers, thanks to the scary new villain, Vecna, and a slew of wonderful new characters. The longer episodes undoubtedly helped to Stranger Things season 4 breaking a viewership record in a short amount of time. Stranger Things season 4 has been seen for more than 287 million hours by Netflix three days after its debut, capturing the top rank for streaming in the first week of release.

Stranger Things season 4 appears to be raking up the views, as media expert Rich Greenfield disclosed on Twitter that all four seasons had made the top ten of Netflix's most viewed shows of the week. Season 4 holds the top rank with 335 million hours viewed, a considerable lead over season 1, which is in second place with 75 million hours. Seasons 2 and 3 come in third and fourth, with 58 and 47 million hours, respectively. Greenfield's tweet, as well as the entire top 10, may be seen below:

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This is wonderful news for Netflix. Netflix had a tough year in 2022, losing $50 billion in market value owing to customer erosion, a pattern that some analysts predict will continue. The massive viewership of Stranger Things' newest season, as well as earlier installments, will thus come as a relief. Meanwhile, Stranger Things season 4 is on course to overtake Squid Game as Netflix's most-watched program ever, which is a tremendous feat.

In conclusion, the Korean survival drama had 1.6 billion hours of watching in its first 28 days, over 1 billion more than Bridgerton's second season, which came in second with 656 million. Stranger Things season 4 currently has 621 million hours of watching, after reaching this milestone in only 14 days. If current trends continue, the Duffer brothers' big sci-fi horror movie will soon be at the very top of Netflix's viewership tower.

Source: Rich Greenfield

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