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Stranger Things Season 4 Joke About Weird Al

Weird Al Yankovic replies to a joke about Dustin being brave for wearing his t-shirt in a Stranger Things season 4 episode

Stranger Things 4 does definitely shift the action forward to 1986, as seen by the show's attire, hair style, and pop culture allusions. But there are other '80s artifacts that remain evergreen on Stranger Things, such as Dungeons & Dragons, which continues to play a significant role in Dustin and Mike's life even though they're now in high school. Weird Al, the famous parodist who controlled the decade with hilarious tunes like "Eat It" and "Fat," is another prominent '80s character who remains relevant in the universe of Stranger Things. Stranger Things (TV Series) Dustin is a big admirer of Yankovic, and was spotted wearing a Weird Al t-shirt in season 3 — a fact that didn't go unnoticed by the actual Weird Al, who started selling the shirts on his website in reaction to the shout out.

Weird Al and Stranger Things have crossed paths again in season 4, and Weird Al has taken notice. Eddie Munson, Dustin and Mike's metalhead Dungeons & Dragons buddy, visits them for lunch and recounts the first time he saw Dustin, who was wearing his Weird Al t-shirt at the time - a fashion decision Eddie describes as "brave." See the scene here, along with Weird Al's Twitter response:

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Eddie Munson, Dustin and Mike's scene partner, is a new character in Stranger Things 4, but he makes a big impression immediately away as the leader of the D&D-playing Hellfire Club (whose shirts Dustin and Mike can be seen sporting in the shot). Eddie, a guitar player, has musical preferences that lean more toward heavy metal, and the character provides a fantastic opportunity to mock the whole '80s metalhead reputation while goofing off on the very '80s concept of a high school kid who seems to be at least 20. But, of course, Eddie is more than his musical tastes and headbanger attitude, as seen in the opening episode of Stranger Things 4.

Eddie is presumably not a fan of Weird Al Yankovic, judging by his headbanger appearance and the extremely '80s guitar hanging in his room. But he clearly appreciates a daring fashion decision, and wearing a Weird Al t-shirt in high school was a daring choice back in the '80s. Of course, Weird Al is now a revered pop culture character, and nothing could be more retro-cool than wearing his t-shirt. The fact that Stranger Things continues to scream out Weird Al, and that jokes about him continue to hit for a generation that wasn't even born in 1986, proves the accordion-playing song parody master's ongoing popularity.

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