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Studio Behind The Iconic Call Of Duty Game Are Working On A New Open-World RPG Game

Infinity Ward, a Call of Duty developer, is purportedly working on an unnamed open-world RPG, characterized as a AAA game in a job offering

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was completely announced last week via a premiere trailer, and Warzone 2 is slated to arrive sometime later, implying that it will be some time before the company publicly shares any details about another game. The film concentrated on plot cinematics and returning characters rather than real gameplay, which is why fans had mixed feelings about the Modern Warfare 2 reveal trailer. A thorough demonstration came soon after, but the original announcement left players wondering if they would see any gameplay video of the eagerly awaited Call of Duty installment.

Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward was apparently recruiting for an unnamed AAA title, which has been billed as an unreleased AAA open-world RPG, according to Redditor TheExeFiles. Sadly, the job advertisement isn't any longer online; but, due to TheExeFiles' Reddit post and an extra backup by Twitter leaker CharlieIntel, the listing has resurfaced. The applicant was in charge of developing the game's story, characters, and mythology in collaboration with writers, quest designers, and a gameplay crew. The job description also specified coordinating motion-capture sessions and assembling a cinematics team. It is indeed important to note that the position was posted at Infinity Ward Poland, which might imply that the reported RPG will be handled by the Polish division.

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If Infinity Ward's enigmatic RPG has a present or near-future scenario with appropriate weaponry, the gunplay will be in capable hands owing to the developer's extensive experience with the Call of Duty franchise. The intensive gameplay demonstration in Modern Warfare 2 demonstrates the studio's ability to create interesting battle scenarios. Given Infinity Ward's skill in first-person shooter video games, it's odd for the firm to be pivoting toward a role-playing experience. However, given that the company's name is used by various departments, it's not surprising that some of them may be investigating genres other than shooters. It remains to be seen what the supposed open-world RPG is and whether it ever reaches a good enough stage to be published and promoted. But just the concept of a shooter-focused firm stepping into the problems of RPG creation is intriguing.

Source: TheExeFiles - CharlieIntel

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