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Sylvester Stallone Fighting Long Time Rocky Producer For The Withholding Of Rights

When it comes to challenging Rocky producer Irwin Winkler for the rights to the Rocky and Creed brands, Sylvester Stallone isn't pulling any punches

Stallone has appeared in all eight Rocky and Creed films as the eponymous character Rocky Balboa. Along with Stallone's extended engagement with the franchise, Winkler has produced every Rocky picture and spinoff. Stallone acknowledged in 2019 that despite creating the first Rocky picture and acting in every subsequent movie, he had no ownership of the property.

In a social media post, Stallone accuses Winkler, 93, of denying Rocky ownership rights. Stallone uploads a highly stylized picture of Winkler's face on the body of a snake, complete with a dagger for a mouth. Stallone's comment, which appears beside the photograph, states that after 47 years of Winkler owning Rocky, he wants "what's left of [his] rights back." Stallone goes on to state that, while this is a difficult issue for him to broach, he wants to leave something of Rocky for his children and thanks his devoted followers for their support.

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Stallone has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with his lack of ownership in the Rocky series for numerous years. In a 2019 interview, Winkler stated that he was astonished to find that Stallone was unhappy with the scenario because, despite not having ownership rights, Stallone made millions off the series.

Stallone earned more than $10 million from both Creed and Creed II, despite not having an ownership share in either picture. Stallone claimed to becoming enraged when he was advised to stop talking about the ownership dispute because of how much money he made from the Rocky movie.

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While Stallone's part of the Rocky income is enormous, Stallone's continuing dissatisfaction with ownership rights appears to arise from his desire to pass the Rocky legacy to his children. Stallone, a father of five, even featured in Rocky V as the boxer's kid, demonstrating how intertwined the Stallone family is with the Rocky franchise. While there has been no word from Winkler or public debate regarding Stallone acquiring the rights to the Rocky franchise, both Stallone and his devoted followers aren't holding back when it comes to demanding that Stallone have a stake in the franchise.

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