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Taika Waititi Drew Inspiration From Jack Hardy Comics And Romance Novels When Writing Thor 4

Taika Waititi, the director of #ThorLoveandThunder, has revealed that the next Chris Hemsworth MCU film is unexpectedly influenced by romance books

Spite of the fact that two Thor: Love and Thunder trailers have already been released, it's still tough to figure out what happens in the picture aside from a few plot facts that have previously been verified. Jane Foster's transformation into Mighty Thor and visits by the Guardians of the Galaxy are among them. While Waititi and the rest of the cast and crew of Thor: Love and Thunder have been tight-lipped about plot details, the director has now revealed some of the sources of inspiration for the next MCU film.

Waititi, surprise, admits that director approached Thor: Love and Thunder as a love story in a recent interview with Wired. The filmmaker specifically mentioned the graphics for classic romance book covers. Read the following snippet from the interview for more information:

For contractual reasons, Waititi couldn’t tell me much about Thor: Love and Thunder, which comes out on July 8, aside from the fact that he tried to write it as a love story, and that his visual touchstones for the film were Jack Hardy comics and the cover art of old Mills & Boon romance novels. But he did say that he tried to make the film “unexpected,” at least within the confines of the genre.

Waititi stated in the very same interview that he strives to keep things fresh by doing something unexpected. The director did not elaborate on how romance novels aided him in developing the concept for Thor: Love and Thunder. With Jane Foster returning to the franchise, it's possible that the romance portion of the movie will revolve around her and Thor reuniting. For what it's worth, the Thor: Love and Thunder teasers have teased the couple's unpleasant reunion, emphasizing how terribly they handled their breakup.

Even though a Thor and Jane love tale fits with Thor: Love and Thunder's inspiration from romance books, it defies the film's promise of being unexpected. Waititi is known for attempting new things in the MCU, and with Thor: Ragnarok's popularity, it's safe to assume he has complete creative power over his newest project. With this in mind, Thor: Love and Thunder's romantic component may or may not incorporate Thor and Jane's relationship. Perhaps it'll be something completely unexpected that will delight viewers.

Source: Wired

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