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Thanks To A Crafty Fan You Can Now Play Pokémon On A Pokédex

A resourceful fan has created a Pokédex version of the Nintendo DS, allowing players to play Pokémon on a physical replica of the fictitious encyclopedia

The Pokédex is a defining feature of the Pokémon franchise. It has taken several shapes throughout the years, ranging from Professor Oak's initial digital encyclopedia to the present RotomDex. The Pokédex has appeared in manga, anime, and games as a source of lore as well as a measure of progress; when players' objective is to capture 'em all, the Pokédex gives an essential record of whatever Pokémon the player has collected so far. Receiving a Pokédex, along with a Starter and a handful of Poké Balls, is one of the hallmarks of a new Trainer embarking on their adventure. For something so basic, the Pokédex has generated a surprising amount of criticism in recent years, owing mostly to several poor implementations of Pokémon's National Dex.

Tomvdcr, a Reddit user and Pokémon lover, has developed an incredible real-life replica of the Pokédex, allowing players to play the games on the famous gadget. The Pokédex shell was created using a Nintendo DS Lite and an old Jakks Pokédex toy, which was released during the release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Tomvdcr was able to transfer the DS innards to the Pokédex shell by carefully rearranging the components needed and some expert soldering. This enabled them to build a completely working replica of the game console within the old Pokédex toy case, which is powered by USB-C rather than Nintendo's proprietary charger. The end result is a console with a distinct Pokémon flavor. At the time of writing, the Redditor is presently accepting commissions from individuals looking to purchase their own Pokédex, however given the popularity of the console, commissions are unlikely to last long.

Some Redditors have noted that the Pokédex game console concept is so easy that it's surprising Nintendo didn't create a comparable version of the DS, maybe to coincide with the release of one of the DS Pokémon games. If the notion had come up at Nintendo, expenses and the requirement for a specialized production line may have played a role in its rejection. Fortunately, the endless imagination of Pokémon enthusiasts is more than capable of coming up with and carrying out ideas like these.

This handmade Pokédex console demonstrates that Nintendo may have missed a trick with Pokémon consoles and merchandising. Despite Nintendo frequently releasing special edition versions of their hardware throughout the years, many fans have envisioned their own versions of unreleased Nintendo systems. Tomvdcr's incredible build has received a lot of attention, demonstrating that many fans would love to get their hands on an official version. Its success demonstrates that the distinctive and somewhat nostalgic sensation of a Pokédex in the hands of a fan is a powerful force, especially when smartly integrated with the games that inspired it.

Source: tomvdcr

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