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The Actor That Portrays The Villainous Vecna Teases What His Character's Goals Will Be In Season 5

Jamie Campbell Bower, the actor who portrayed Stranger Things Season 4 main villain Vecna has teased what might be in store for his character in the upcoming season of Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the most successful TV Series of the past 6 years and arguably of our generation. One of the biggest aspects of the TV Show is the main antagonist of each season and the strong connection each one of them has to the popular role-playing board game, Dungeons And Dragons. From Demogorgons to Mind-Flayer, each of them is based on a character from the game. Season 4 was no exception as the show's main antagonist was one that is the stuff of nightmares, called Vecna.

Described as a powerful wizard who became a lich, in the game he was eventually destroyed, and his left hand and left eye were the only parts of his body to survive. Even after he achieved godhood. He is the most lethal and dangerous threat that was ever introduced into the Stranger Things universe. Obviously, in the world of Hawkins he is not a lich, but actually one of the kids from Dr. Bremmer's lab, more specifically 001. Essentially, he was Eleven's older brother in a weird way. And that is what made the final fight more personal.

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Although in the end, Eleven was the one to walk away victorious after she defeated Vecna for a second time, that victory came with a costly price as the once quiet town of Hawkins ended up paying the biggest price. That left most fans curious about what the future holds, with the upside-down now leaking into the real world, and what dastardly D&D villain could be the big boss to end it all, Vecna is still looming in the shadows, leaving viewers curious about Vecna's motives and plan in Stranger Things season 5. In an interview with TVLine, Bower speculates on Vecna's potential motivations for season 5 of Stranger Things. When asked about Vecna's goals, Bower gives a pretty puzzling statement in which he claims the villain wants to "make the world 1,000 times better." Check out what he said below:

"His experience has led him to this point of believing — actually, knowing, not necessarily believing — that people present a falsity and this world is just full of liars. He really wants to change that for the greater good."

That is an eerily thought to have and if you think about it, it makes Bower's statement even more ominous in the storytelling sense of it all. What do I mean by this, well it's simple. As humans have evolved as time went on, we have learned that in life nothing is black and white, but actually, we live in a shade of grey. Nothing is ever as it seems and no one really knows the other person's pure intention without getting to know it. Chaos Evil is a very rare thing, most villains are not like the Joker who simply just wants to watch the world burn. Most bad guys have a reason for what they do. Everyone is the hero of their own life story, and from the sound of how Bower is explaining Vecna's motive, he might not think he is even doing a bad thing. Because if you allow me to play devil's advocate for a bit, if you look at all the people he killed in Season 4, it is plausible to argue that in his mind he was doing a service. Preying on those who either deal with guilt or struggle with so much trauma that they express wishes to die. It can be argued that he is delivering a mercy killing, ending their pain so they do not feel that anguish anymore. When dealing with someone who has so much conviction and in their head is doing the greater good, I would not want to live in Hawkins that's for sure. Vecna appears determined to see to it that Hawkins is fully destroyed. The town is likely to experience even more dread from him now that he has a perverse motivation to drive his activities. According to Bower's remarks, it appears that when Venca follows his warped motivations in Stranger Things season 5, he will only get more terrible.

Source: TVLine

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