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The Arrowverse's Batwoman Will Return For The Final Season Of The Flash

Javicia Leslie, who plays Batwoman, dispels any lingering doubts about her return to the Arrowverse in The Flash's upcoming ninth and final season.

Leslie confirmed her return with an Instagram Story video shot inside her trailer on the set of the CW show. In the video, the actress appears to be dressed in the same costume she wore as Ryan Wilder's Batwoman in the series of the same name, which was canceled in March 2022. In The Flash, Leslie is not credited as either Wilder or her crime-fighting alter ego.

Instead, The CW is billing her as a "Mystery Character," despite the fact that there's plenty of evidence to suggest she's playing a gender-swapped version of the villainous Flash-Batman hybrid The Red Death. This evidence includes recent set photos of an actor dressed in an outfit bearing The Red Death's emblem, with several sources claiming that it's Leslie inside the suit.

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An unofficial set video posted shortly after appeared to confirm this, as it included footage of Leslie wearing what appears to be the same costume, but this time with her face fully exposed. Despite these apparent leaks, neither The CW nor Leslie have publicly confirmed that she will play The Red Death in Season 9 of The Flash.

The Red Death isn't the only new villain to join Scarlet Speedster's rogue's gallery in the final season of The Flash. A set photo of an unidentified actor who is apparently set to play the successor to Arrow villain Captain Boomerang is currently making the rounds online. Nick E. Tarabay played the original Captain Boomerang, who died in Arrow Season 5, Episode 23, "Lian Yu."

Little is known about his alleged successor's clothing, other than that it resembles Captain Boomerang's classic costume from the Flash comics. The apparent influx of new antagonists in The Flash Season 9 suggests that those involved are eager to wrap up The CW series with a suitably action-packed victory lap. Grant Gustin previously discussed the "bittersweet" experience of bringing the long-running show to an end, insisting that it would end on a high note. "I'm very excited to do this one last time, finish on our terms, and enjoy every minute of it as much as I possibly can," he said.

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