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The Art of Thor: Love And Thunder Imagines A Comic-Accurate Gorr The God Butcher

A new piece of Thor: Love and Thunder fan art depicts Christian Bale's Gorr the God Butcher in a comic-accurate style

Gorr the God Butcher is a new MCU character that was originally presented in the 2012 comic book Thor: God of Thunder #2. Gorr makes his first live-action appearance ten years after his debut, albeit with a radically different look than in the comics. In the comics, the villain appeared more like an extraterrestrial, but Marvel opted to give Gorr a more humanoid form to make the actor identifiable. Instead of a complex design for Bale's character, Gorr has pale skin and a few scars, a decision that has been questioned since early glimpses began circulating online.

The God Gorr Butcher's new look has split fans, but bosslogic has given him a comic-accurate makeover. The artist's first painting gives Gorr his comic-book tentacles, while the second depicts the villain wearing a hood. Both of bosslogic's works are shown below:

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While the original Thor: Love & Thunder teaser did not introduce Gorr, the most recent trailer provided the first official glimpse at Bale's antagonist. Gorr is being completely redesigned for the film, although his story appears to be based on the comics. Gorr wants vengeance on the gods when his family is murdered, and he begs for their assistance. In the film, the character appears to have the same motivations, with Gorr remarking, "the only ones that gods care about are themselves." The teaser also introduced All-Black the Necrosword, which was created by the God of Symbiotes, Knull, in the comics. Gorr's strength is most likely derived from the sword in Thor: Love & Thunder, although it's conceivable Gorr's final form is yet to be revealed if Marvel decides to experiment with the Necrosword's abilities.

Many have panned Gorr's MCU design, but some have found it refreshing in light of Marvel's abundance of CGI villains. Bale is an Academy Award winner, thus not masking his emotions with prosthetics or CGI will enable his emotions to show through. Despite not being comic-accurate, Gorr's design remains scary, and Bale's acting will definitely make the villain's menace credible. It's unclear if Thor: Love & Thunder will be as popular as Thor: Ragnarok, but the sequel may demonstrate that not all MCU villains need to be comic-accurate in order to be noteworthy.

Source: bosslogic

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