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The Batman Spinoff Writer Recalls His Reaction To Being Fired From Gotham PD After Show Was Shelved

Joe Barton, the writer behind the unnamed Batman spin-off series Gotham PD, responds to his dismissal from the program when it was canceled

Gotham PD was supposed to be a spin-off of Matt Reeves' The Batman. It is a precursor to The Batman and is centered on the Gotham Central Police Department. Reeves has stated openly his desire to establish a whole Batverse. Batman 2 is already in the works, and HBO Max has approved a Penguin spin-off program. Similarly, the Gotham PD series was set to be a part of Reeves' Batverse. After Terence Winter departed the project due to creative disputes, Barton was appointed as the showrunner. However, on March 6, 2022, Reeves announced that the Gotham PD series will be cancelled. Instead, that concept morphed into a brand new series centered on Arkham Asylum.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Barton discussed his dismissal from Gotham PD. Barton added that he had handed the spin-off script to HBO Max, who had loved it. Several months later, his agent contacted to inform him that he had been sacked from the project. To make matters worse, he was sacked only two months before the debut of The Batman. As a result, while dealing with being dismissed from the series, Barton was bombarded with The Batman promotion. Take a look at his statement below:

"I gave the script over in November and HBO called to say they loved it and they were really excited. And then in January my agent called to say I’d been fired. If you’re going to get fired from a massive franchise, don’t do it two months before the film comes out. I saw Batman everywhere... It was like being haunted by Fathers 4 Justice."

Barton doesn't explain why he was dismissed, and Reeves doesn't explain why Gotham PD was canceled. Most likely, the Arkham Asylum concept won out, and the brand had to be judicious about how many spin-off shows it handed to consumers.

Source: The Telegraph

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