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The Bosses Of Harley Quinn Were Shocked When The 'Party' Scene From Season 3 Was Not Removed

Patrick Schumaker and Justin Halpern, co-showrunners of Harley Quinn, discuss which scene they were shocked DC allowed them to include in the show's third season.

Patrick Schumaker and Justin Halpern, co-creators and co-showrunners of Harley Quinn, we're certain that Season 3's Court of Owls orgy would be deleted from the show. "I thought for sure we were going to receive [notes]," Schumaker remarked of Season 3, Episode 4, "A Thief, A Mole, an Orgy," in an interview with TVLine.

"It was always a debate over, you know, 'Where's the line?' What causes it to cross the line into tastelessness?' But then you have our DC colleagues saying, 'No, no, it doesn't disturb us that that character is asking someone to 'annihilate' their 'taint.' That's great with us."

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For Halpern, the most frightening sequence permitted to remain in the program concerned Nora Freeze, played by Rachel Dratch. "In the Swamp Thing (Sam Richardson) episode, Ivy says to Nora, 'You definitely hooked up the Swamp Thing last night, go ask him for this favor,'" Halpern said.

"And then Nora comes out later and you learn she didn’t ask for the favor because they were f–king in the, like, three minutes that she was gone," he continued. "It was about letting us take that character and making her this sort of this woman who is making up for all the lost time that she was frozen. I kept waiting for a note to come for that, and it never did. We got to take her as far as we wanted."

While HBO Max and DC chose to preserve both sequences featuring the Court of Owls and Nora Freeze, this is not the first time a scene from Harley Quinn has been deleted. A profoundly personal sequence between Batman and Catwoman was discovered to have been cut from Season 3 at the request of DC. Harley Quinn was created by Schumacker, Halpern, and Dean Lorey and stars Kaley Cuoco as Harley Quinn and Lake Bell as Poison Ivy. Harley Quinn's first two seasons debuted on the DC Universe streaming service. However, as part of the DC Universe restructure, both seasons were added to HBO Max in August of 2020. Soon after, it was revealed that Season 3 will be exclusive to HBO Max. Schumacker and Halpern previously said in an interview that Season 3 of Harley Quinn was developed with the show's future in mind.

Source: TVLine

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