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The Boys Season 3's Soldier Boy Debut Was Inspired By Supernatural's Castiel Intro

Eric Kripke, the series' creator, was inspired by Castiel's memorable entrance on Supernatural for Jensen Ackles' naked debut as Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3

Over the previous three seasons, The Boys has frequently referenced Supernatural, from hidden Easter eggs to actor appearances. One of the most noteworthy occurrences occurred when Jim Beaver, who portrayed Bobby Singer on Supernatural, appeared as the US Secretary of Defense - also called Robert Singer - in The Boys season 1.

In an interview with TVLine, Kripke reveals that Castiel's initial debut on Supernatural influenced Soldier Boy's stunning arrival on The Boys. The angel Castiel (played by Misha Collins) initially debuts on the program in spectacular way, entering into a barn via flying open doors with a shower of sparks falling down around him. The introduction had a lasting effect on viewers, and Kripke hoped to capture the same level of awe when presenting Soldier Boy. Read Kripke's complete reaction to Soldier Boy's arrival below:

“We needed a huge reveal for him. Funny enough, I thought a little bit of Supernatural. I still think probably the best entrance I’ve ever done is Misha Collins’ entrance [as Castiel]. That’s an entrance! That is how you f–king walk into a show! And so we thought a lot about we need something really grand [and] big, and this idea of like this massive thing, door, that opens, and he emerges through the steam, and he has this huge blast.

Given that it was Supernatural's phenomenal popularity that catapulted Kripke to stardom, it seems logical for him to draw inspiration from the show's most successful components for his new project. According to Kripke, given the "huge amount of buildup" building up to Soldier Boy's appearance, his entrance needed to be memorable, which it was. While The Boys has experienced tremendous popularity and success, Ackles' entrance was more anticipated than any other character on the program. It was critical that Soldier Boy's debut appearance on the show not disappoint eager fans.

Source: TVLine

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