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The Bullet Train Movie Image Reveals a New Look at Brad Pitt's Action Hero

In this exclusive peek shot from Bullet Train, Brad Pitt's protagonist is shown peering into a locker while wearing his characteristic bucket hat

Bullet Train seeks to breathe new life into the hero-assassin action subgenre with a playful mood and an off-beat main character navigating a pretty grim final task in a world of would-be Wick substitutes and rip-offs like Gunpowder Milkshake or Atomic Blonde. In an older picture, Pitt's Ladybug appears to be a tourist, holding the film's MacGuffin (the bag in issue) like a terrified chihuahua. It's easy to think Ladybug isn't a trained killer, especially with his thick-rimmed spectacles and bucket hat, which are shown in the film's latest promotional image.

This unique image of Pitt comes from Fandango's Summer Movie Preview, and it shows Pitt dressed in his character's characteristic costume, staring attentively into a storage locker at something that isn't entirely obvious. The post mentions a slew of other summer action flicks, like Top Gun: Maverick and Jurassic World Dominion, as well as Ladybug's bucket hat in Bullet Train. Look at the image below:

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Surprisingly, Bullet Train video seen at CinemaCon looks to be linked to this preview image. In the clip, Ladybug gets into a train station locker and steals a pistol before boarding the titular train; the Fandango teaser shows Pitt peering into what appears to be this identical locker. Although fans have seen Pitt's unique outfit in prior photographs, this one symbolizes the character's strangeness. Ladybug isn't your standard assassin/anti-hero, with his cream-colored bucket hat, glasses, and a coat fit for a tenured librarian. His expression suggests familiarity with what he would discover in the locker, yet it's a funny one owing to his attire.

The image also effectively reflects Bullet Train's humorous attitude, which was previously absent in favor of a nasty and R-rated dynamic, akin to other contemporary action blockbusters with macho tentpole heroes. Bullet Train would be simply another John Wick knockoff if it weren't for Ladybug's goofy headgear, thick spectacles, and the ostensibly comedic combat scenes inspired by Jackie Chan. Of course, the film's other characters have quirks as well, but they all work effectively to conceal the hazardous nature of their assassin powers. Ladybug may be dressed in a bucket hat and trench coat, but he's a murderer, and fans will get to witness how effectively the character stands out this summer.

Source: Fandango

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