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The Cast Of Black Adam Found Out About The Superman Cameo Days Before The Premiere

According to Aldis Hodge, the cast of Warner Bros. Discovery's Black Adam only found out about Superman's cameo a few days before the film's premiere.

Actor Henry Cavill's long-awaited return to the DC Universe in Warner Bros. Discovery's Black Adam was reportedly made at the last minute. According to star Aldis Hodge, the cast was not made aware of it until it was too late.

Hodge was asked by The Hollywood Reporter when the cast found out about the Superman cameo. According to the actor, "It's getting close to the premiere. They kept that completely hidden from me until maybe a day or two before the premiere. As a result, they kept it that close."

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The actor went on to say that he was unaware of Dwayne Johnson's efforts to reintroduce Cavill to the shared film universe. "There was no talk of resurrecting Superman or anything like that. They have to keep those items in a super vault, so all you can do is concentrate on making Black Adam the best it can be. So you hear things and get ideas, but nothing is ever confirmed or fully expressed.

And, to be honest, I dig it because it was a huge surprise for me, and I love that we got to share it with the audience." Previously, it was reported that the Superman cameo was originally shot with a body double, with no guarantee that Cavill would be able to return.

The biggest roadblock between Cavill and the Superman suit was the rejection of the idea by former DC Films president Walter Hamada. Johnson appealed to Warner Bros. Pictures co-CEOs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy, who approved. The post-credits scene was shot a month before the premiere of Black Adam. Moving forward, Warner Bros. Discovery and Johnson appear to have big plans for Superman. Hiram Garcia, the producer of Black Adam, previously hinted that Johnson's antihero and the Kryptonian superhero would have a multi-film rivalry. It was also recently reported that a sequel to Man of Steel is in the works, with Cavill returning. The actor recently discussed his future as Superman, promising that his portrayal of the hero will be more optimistic than in the past.

Source: THR

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