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The Creator Of A New Star Wars Show Is Content Not To Use Luke Skywalker

Leslye Headland, the creator of The Acolyte, is excited to explore new storylines without using Luke Skywalker and other Star Wars heritage characters

While most of Disney+'s existing Star Wars content has built on classic storylines seen onscreen, such as The Mandalorian and the soon-to-be-released Obi-Wan Kenobi, Headland's new series will transport viewers to a completely uncharted era. The Acolyte will take place in the latter days of the High Republic, a time period created in 2021 through The High Republic publishing effort, when the Republic had spread throughout the galaxy and the Jedi were at their peak. The Acolyte will break new ground in creating a tale that is far apart from the Skywalker Saga, as it will investigate what led to the events of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Headland stated that while she felt some pressure when designing the series, she was relieved to be free of heritage characters such as Luke Skywalker. Because of the passion and symbolism surrounding such actors, the showrunner stated that she would prefer to avoid crafting tales with them. Headland continued by underlining The Acolyte's new location, noting that she aims to properly explore the era and how the galaxy appeared during the Republic and Jedi Order's wealthy heyday, as well as its eventual demise. See Headland's whole statement below.

"I feel a lot of pressure, but I also feel—weirdly—enormous amounts of freedom because I don't feel like I'm dealing with legacy characters, which is a lot scarier... I mean, you could not pay me enough money to try to be in the Luke Skywalker timeline. I'm like, "No, thank you!" [Laughs.] It's just too intense. There's too much iconography and intensity with those particular characters ... Whereas, I think I'm telling a story that's more about a timeline we don't know much about. Let's hang out here for a little bit and check out what Star Wars looks like when the good guys are actually in charge. What happens? We know what it eventually leads to, so let's explore. What are the holes that we can poke into what happened?"

Headland has previously hinted information about the Jedi Order of The Acolyte, explaining the clothes of her Jedi characters — which differ from those shown after The Phantom Menace — and how their designs are important to the series' plot. The robes of the Jedi Order, according to the showrunner, are in excellent condition and are made of whites and golds, similar to the patterns seen in earlier High Republic stories. Headland then speculated that this was owing to the Jedi Order's lack of an active participation in the galaxy, as opposed to their later-era Star Wars counterparts, since the Order was involved in relatively few battles or conflicts during this time period.

Because it is so different from previous onscreen storylines, The Acolyte might be one of Star Wars' most unusual productions. Headland's show also appears to be distinct from previous High Republic stories, as most publicly available works from the era take place 98 years before the events of the new series. Headland is free of needing to confine her tale to a recognizable cast with a cherished and well-trodden past as Lucasfilm moves away from the Skywalker storyline, allowing room for her own original perspective on the Star Wars world.

Source: Vanity Fair

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