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The Creator Of This Is Us Reacts To The Series Finale's Emotional Ending

Creator Dan Fogelman responds to the heartbreaking This Is Us series finale with a heartfelt homage to the drama's six seasons of viewers

The renowned run of This Is Us came to an end with the season 6 finale on May 24, 2022. The conclusion, titled "Us," was the 106th episode of the whole series. It followed the Big Three as they recovered from a tragedy that had dominated the whole season, learning new lessons about life in the process.

Fogelman delivers a poignant homage to the program and its followers on his official Twitter account, split over two photographs. He begins the letter by talking about how he and his wife chose what TV to watch during the few hours they have free in the evening, and how tough it is to choose between episodes like Severance, Peaky Blinders, and The Handmaid's Tale. "There's one set of individuals I haven't managed to thank yet, and that's those who watched," he adds, humbly thanking fans for devoting their valuable time to the series and promoting it to others. Please read the entire message below:

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For many individuals, This Is Us has become more than simply a program, as Fogelman says. The Pearsons have become as familiar to many viewers as family members, and their impact has gone globe, with at least four foreign countries premiering their own versions of the series. Although Turkey's Bir Aile Hikayesi and the Netherlands' Dit zijn wij have already been cancelled, France's Je te promets and Italy's Noi are still on the air, keeping the series' flame alive.

However, no amount of translation can make viewers forget about the This Is Us conclusion. The always-emotional series finished in usually powerful fashion, so longtime fans may need some time before returning to that world. Hopefully, this message from the series' creator will provide some solace as they look for their next hit of intense family drama.

Source: Dan Fogelman

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