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The CW's Gotham Knights pilot has completed filming

The pilot episode of The CW's Gotham Knights has officially wrapped principal filming, according to the three executive producers.

The pilot for The CW's Gotham Knights has wrapped principal filming, and the show's producers are celebrating the completion of episode 1. The CW is increasing its DC TV schedule once again with the start of pilot season. The WarnerMedia and Paramount-owned network has proceeded to launch one spinoff show after another since its start in 2012. This year, The CW is creating Gotham Knights, a potential one-hour drama for the 2022-2023 TV season, as another Batman-related project.

The series is co-created by Batwoman writers and producers Chad Fiveash, James Stoteraux, and Natalie Abrams, and is unrelated to the upcoming Gotham Knights computer game. Despite the presence of the trio, Gotham Knights will not be a Batwoman spinoff series, nor will it be linked to any of the other Arrowverse dramas. The Gotham Knights pilot order was placed in February 2022, after the idea was originally put into development in late 2021. Danny Cannon, who directed and produced Gotham and Pennyworth, is directing and producing the episode, which was co-written by Fiveash, Stoteraux, and Abrams.


The Gotham Knights pilot began principal photography on April 11 and continued for many weeks, as is customary for a premiere episode. While the majority of the Arrowverse episodes are filmed in Vancouver, Canada, the Gotham Knights are based in Toronto, and the pilot has already been completed. Abrams, who also served as co-executive producer for Gotham Knights, shared a new photo on Twitter with Fiveash and Stoteraux, which can be seen below.

Gotham Knights will center on Bruce Wayne's adopted son Turner Hayes (Oscar Morgan), who will join a new team of heroes made up of Batman's adversaries' children. As they are framed for the death of the Dark Knight, the squad will comprise DC actors Carrie Kelley (Navia Robinson), Cullen Bow (Tyler DiChiara), Fallon Smythe as Harper Row, Stephanie Brown (Anna Lore), and Duela (Olivia Rose Keegan). This will not only compel the group to clear their identities, but it will also transform them into the city's new, unexpected defenders. Misha Collins of Supernatural will play Harvey Dent, well known as DC Comics' Two-Face, in Gotham Knights.

The CW network will decide if the Gotham Knights pilot will be taken up to series once post-production is completed. Only The Flash season 9 and Superman & Lois season 3 have been confirmed for The CW's DC lineup for the 2022-2023 TV season, since both programs were renewed in March. Given previous reports, if Gotham Knights is taken to series, it will be The CW's next Bat-esque drama for next season. The CW formally cancelled Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow last week after a lengthy delay. With The CW's Upfronts on May 19, fans will find out very soon whether Gotham Knights will return to the network next season.

Source: Natalie Abrams

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