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The DCEU Have Apparently Decided To Wash Their Hands Of Ezra Miller After The Flash Movie Release

According to a new source, The Flash star Ezra Miller is not part of any future DCEU plans, despite previous claims

Miller was arrested twice in Hawaii in 2022 on suspicion of second-degree assault. Since then, more stories have emerged, beginning with the parents of an 18-year-old filing petition seeking a judge to impose an order of protection against the actor on behalf of their kid. A Massachusetts family was then awarded a temporary restraining order against Miller for threatening the family and acting improperly toward the nonbinary youngster. Miller erased their Instagram account after first teasing officials about their location. While Warner Bros. still has over a year until the premiere of The Flash, they have apparently began debating the franchise's future, and it does not seem well for Miller. According to a recent Deadline article, the studio attempted to find help for Miller, but as the stories continue to mount up, it looks that Miller does not fit with Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav's ambitions for the DCEU. Regardless of how the current Miller scenario plays out, they look to have no future in the DCEU.

Behind the scenes, Warner Bros. Discovery has been making significant changes, with a particular emphasis on rejuvenating the DC brand in order to compete with Marvel Studios. This included scrapping projects like as the HBO Max feature Wonder Twins but also greenlighting Joker 2, which is said to be a musical starring Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn. These Miller-related headlines are not what Warner Bros. wants people talking about when it comes to their big-budget summer tentpole feature, and some difficult decisions concerning the film will need to be made shortly. Warner Bros. had no intentions to replace Miller in The Flash at first, but as additional news emerge, the future of the entire franchise may be jeopardized. What Warner Bros. does with The Flash remains to be seen, but if the company does recast the character of Barry Allen, the film's finale might be reshot and the film's multiverse narrative used to explain the change in performer. The studio could alternatively choose a different Flash, such as Wally West or Bart Allen, and let The Flash act as the final chapter for Miller's depiction of the scarlet speedster while looking ahead to a new, presumably less problematic future.

Source: Deadline

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