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The Director Of Encanto Explains Why Madrigal Abilities Are Called Gifts

Encanto director Jared Bush explains why the film employs the term "gifts" rather than "powers" to describe the Madrigal family's supernatural talents

Encanto follows the Madrigal family, who live under a miracle that bestows each member of the family with powers, such as clairvoyance, superhuman strength, and animal communication. As children, each of them goes through a gift ceremony, and with the exception of heroine Mirabel, who is left without one, they all acquire an ability that appears to match their personalities. The principles of this system have given rise to a slew of Encanto gift fan theories, ranging from each family member truly possessing several talents to Mirabel possessing one that no one can detect.

Now, in a Twitter Q&A, Bush explains why the film utilizes the phrase "gifts," citing three primary reasons. The first two refer to the Madrigal family's talents, with "gifts" being a natural development from the "miracle" that bestows them. The third reason is that the Encanto team sought to avoid using the phrase "powers" in order to prevent any link with superheroes, which would have detracted from the magic realism scenario. Check out his tweet below:

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Because of the nature of their skills, several early Encanto reviews referred to the Madrigals as a family of superheroes. Given this, it's natural that Bush didn't want to employ "powers," as the movie isn't at all like a superhero movie. One of the key topics of Encanto is how the gifts may impact and measure the Madrigals' personal progress, emphasizing why they are, in fact, "gifts."

Given the questionable nature of some of the gifts, any sequels to Encanto are likely to go more into how the talents effect the family on a more intimate level. Though anything else based in that realm is a long way off, the film's enthusiastic reception and enormous audience suggest that the Madrigals' journey is only getting started. There's a lot to be mined from the movie's worldbuilding, wherever the plot goes next, and perhaps Bush and his crew will be able to develop an Encanto 2 tale that meets up to fans' hopes for the nascent series.

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