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The Director Of The Original Suicide Squad Teases How He Would Approach The Ayer Cut

Suicide Squad director David Ayer answers to fans lobbying for an Ayer Cut and hints how he'd approach altering the theatrical film

Following the release of Zack Snyder's Justice League after years of fan agitation for the filmmaker's original vision to be realized, Ayer has attempted to start his own movie in a similar manner. Suicide Squad's troubles, he claims, arise from similar studio influence and editing, with Ayer's version reportedly containing much more Jared Leto Joker sequences and a whole different third-act showdown. While Warner Brothers and DC appear to be disregarding the internet momentum for the time being, fans are pushing for the release of the Ayer Cut.

The director now has a voice in how the picture should be reworked for a director's cut. Suicide Squad Ayer Cut fans were debating if further reshoots would be required for a potential release, as they were for Zack Snyder's Justice League. Ayer responds unexpectedly, "No need for reshoots." "It was just some VFX work." The statement suggests that he has considered how an Ayer Cut may work with the current material, in the same way that new VFX allowed characters such as Martian Manhunter and Desaad to make their cinematic debut in the Snyder Cut. See the original post below:

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As pressure mounts on Warner and DC, stars and creatives have spoken in on the prospect of the Suicide Squad Ayer Cut. Scott Eastwood, the actor of Suicide Squad, recently spoke out about his extended parts that were deleted. Footage of alternate and extended sequences that flesh out the relationship between Harley and Joker, which was a central marketing point for the theatrical release, has made its way online in recent months, while Ayer has previously confirmed that Justice League villain Steppenwolf was originally the big bad of the third act.

Ayer's latest statements show that the author is still actively thinking about how to communicate his idea. The promise of further VFX work might indicate that Ayer is open to reintroducing Steppenwolf into the picture in the same manner that Snyder did with Darkseid in his version of Justice League. The new Suicide Squad remarks will be seen as a significant step ahead on the process of publishing the original, planned version of DC's most fascinating mistake by fans and activists online.

Source: David Ayer

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