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The FBI Is Looking Into An Alleged Grand Theft Auto 6 Hacker

The FBI and DOJ are looking into the hacker organization suspected of being behind the recent GTA 6 leaks and Uber cyber assault.

Following this weekend's Grand Theft Auto 6 leak, the FBI and the US Department of Justice are allegedly investigating the alleged hackers behind the cyber assault in partnership with Uber. The ride-sharing firm was rocked by a similar cyber security breach this weekend and is collaborating with authorities to track down the hacker gang Lapsus$, which is suspected of being behind this weekend's Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks and Uber attack.

After being posted in the GTA forums, a mountain of videos showing in-development footage of Grand Theft Auto 6 swamped social media on Sunday, September 18. 90 videos seized from Rockstar's Slack channels showed characters, scenery, combat, and A.I. Following the cyber assault, Rockstar Games published a statement verifying the legitimacy of the leaks and stressing that the development of GTA 6 or the continuing live service of GTA 5 would be unaffected in any way.

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Rockstar Games, however, was not the only firm to experience a cyber security incident this weekend. On September 18, Uber was also the target of a cyber assault, with hackers gaining access to the company's Slack channels in the same way that they did with Rockstar Games.

Uber thinks that the hacker organization Lapsus$ is behind both assaults, as indicated by the same strategies used to enter into each company's network and the spate of security breaches that the hacking group has claimed responsibility for this year. According to a recent blog post by Uber, the firm is collaborating with the FBI and the US Department of Justice to find and prosecute the hacker or hackers in the issue.

Following the previously reported hacks on Microsoft and Nvidia, seven persons linked with Lapsus$, ages 16 to 21, were detained in the United Kingdom earlier this year. According to the BBC, the hacking gang is said to be situated in South America and is becoming more prominent with time. Given the organization's popularity on social media, the recent Grand Theft Auto disclosures may be one of the most well-known security breaches; nevertheless, past strikes on Samsung, Okta, and Cisco were enough to place the group on many cyber-security radars even before this most recent spate of attacks. The GTA 6 leak on Sunday verified long-held rumors that the game will include twin protagonists and would return to Tommy Vercetti's old haunts of Vice City. Worryingly, the hacker claimed to have the source code for GTA 6 and GTA 5 and is apparently prepared to sell the GTA 5 code for five figures. With Rockstar declaring that the breach will not slow down production time and the hacker behind the assault suddenly remaining silent, it is possible that the hacker did not obtain source codes at all. Hopefully, the implications of this leak will be limited to a big early peek at GTA 6.

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