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The GTA 6 Leaker Is Now Holding Rockstar To A Metaphorical Gun As He Wants To Negotiate A Deal

A Grand Theft Auto 6 leaker claims to have the game's source code and wants to work with Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive.

Some people may not be aware of what is going on right now, but as we speak we are dealing with probably the biggest gaming hack/leak in the entire industry. You see today, video leaks of real GTA 6 gameplay have made their way to the internet, the first actual live footage we have seen of the game.

Obviously, this spread all over the internet like a raging forest fire, but now the story has continued to develop and take a drastic left unexpected turn. Because not only has everything that has been leaked been confirmed to be real, but now the leaker is supposedly looking to get in contact with Rockstar to negotiate some sort of deal to prevent him from leaking even more substantial items.

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According to gaming insider, Tom Henderson on Twitter, The leaker asked to speak with someone at Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive. The leaker said they received 3,000 telegram messages and provided a picture with emails from YouTube about the videos being removed. The hacker claimed to have GTA 5 and GTA 6 source code and assets and that they want to "negotiate a deal."

A subsequent tweet features a brief video of someone impersonating one of GTA 6's creators. During this brief conversation, the leaker indicated that they have the source and that the IT team could examine the logs for verification. While many video games leak in some fashion these days, instances of this magnitude are quite unusual. Most early leaks consist of concept art or a screenshot, but this situation includes gameplay footage from one of the industry's largest titles.

This story will obviously continue to develop as I have no doubt there are probably right now as we speak about 6 Rockstar Top Executives at least losing their marbles about what to do. This for sure will call upon some kind of legal ramifications to be met, but before that happens will they manage to find this leaker before he does more damage? Either way, Rockstar right now is stuck between a rock and a hard place which I do not envy. But one last thing, and in a strange way what I am about to say is crazy but true at the same time. GTA 6 has easily been the biggest and most anticipated game for at least a decade, and this for sure will throw even more fuel onto that fire and keep GTA 6 in the limelight and in the forefront of people's brains for a significant time. But the real crazy thing would be if this was all staged, I mean that would be crazy ... but at the same time that would be a lowkey genius.

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