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The Hogwarts Legacy PS5 DualSense Displays Your House Colors

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to select their own Hogwarts House, and the DualSense controller's light bar will represent this selection

Hogwarts Legacy will immerse gamers in the Wizarding World by constructing digital replicas of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and other renowned locations. Attending courses will allow players to expand their understanding of spells, potions, and magical objects, which will eventually improve battle. A cast of supporting characters will also accompany players during their magical school year, allowing Hogwarts Legacy to give the ultimate Harry Potter experience. Choosing one of the four Hogwarts Houses affects numerous aspects of the game, such as the player's clothing and companions, with the various common spaces in Hogwarts Legacy reflecting the personality and color palette of their affiliated house.

According to a recent PlayStation Blog article, Hogwarts Legacy will make creative use of the DualSense controller's multicolored characteristics. The controller's dynamic light bar will proudly show the colors of the protagonist's chosen Hogwarts House to immerse gamers in the Wizarding World. Gryffindor's DualSense will pulse red and gold, Slytherin's will pulse green and silver, Ravenclaw's will pulse blue and gold, and Hufflepuff's will pulse yellow and black. When players cast spells or receive damage, the light bar will flash alternate colors. These multiple color bar states, together with tactile elements like haptic feedback and reaction triggers, will make gamers feel like actual Hogwarts students.

Certain games, such as Horizon Forbidden West, utilise DualSense capabilities to enhance the player's immersion, similar to Hogwarts Legacy. In Guerrilla Games' post-apocalyptic sci-fi title, players chase animalistic robots over a wide open world, with heroine Aloy fighting with a bow and arrow. The PlayStation-exclusive title immerses players in Aloy's environment by utilizing the DualSense's numerous functions, including reactive triggers and haptic feedback. A gyroscopic aiming option allows players to aim their bow by moving the DualSense itself, making aiming more easier and cooler.

The ability to join a Hogwarts House, take magic lessons, and experience a world of wonder is the core allure of Hogwarts Legacy. Each of these experiences appears to be abundant in the open-world project, and minor touches like the DualSense light bar assist to thoroughly immerse players in the magical school. The controller will act as a continual reminder of the player's house, which will be important in their journey through Hogwarts Legacy.

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