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The Long Lasting Saga Of Ezra Miller And What Crime He Did Now Know Involves Vermont Child Services

Ezra Miller's latest crime now involves a young mother and three young children as he is accused of hiding their whereabouts from Vermont authorities amid concerns for the kids' safety.

You go back to 2016, or better labeled as the pre-covid era, Ezra Miller was a young actor with their star very much on the rise. At just 23 years old Ezra Miller had very much made into mainstream stardom as they had landed major roles in the DCEU and Harry Potter universe. Ezra was a pretty major WB stalwart from there on, and for the next six years, he kept pumping out blockbuster movie after blockbuster movie.

But once 2020 hit and Covid started is when Ezra's troubles really started to happen. Starting of with a choking incident that happened on April 1st, 2020, a video was leaked of Miller choking a woman outside the Prikið Kaffihús bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. In the video, which appears to pick up in the middle of the argument, a cheerful lady approaches Miller and starts to play battle. Miller responds, "Oh, you really want to fight? " after taking her gesticulations seriously. That's what you want to do?" before seizing the lady by the neck, slamming her to the ground while shoving her up against a dumpster, at which time the video ends.

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From there on a reality game show could have been created with people guessing where and for what will Ezra Miller be on the news next. You had Hawaii Arrest #1, Hawaii Arrest #2 three weeks later, Protective Orders placed against him two months later, being labeled Cult Leader Status just this month, Felony Burglary Arrest to spice it up a bit, and know the latest one to hit the news.

Authorities made two attempts to serve the mother with an emergency care order at Miller's Stamford residence over the weekend, according to court records acquired by Rolling Stone, requesting she give over custody of her children to the state out of fear for their safety. According to reports, unguarded firearms and stray bullets left laying around the house are the major causes of fear.

According to the actor, the family hadn't resided in the home for some months. However, according to a statement from the Vermont State Attorney's office, this assertion is probably an effort to "evade service" of the emergency order. After meeting in the mother's native Hawaii, the family is said to have been residing with Miller since mid-April. Whatever this latest incident may be, I just hope it gets resolved peacefully and quickly, because as anyone can clearly see Ezra is a person who needs to be helped for his own safety and the people around him.

Source: Rolling Stone

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