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The Magical Beauty and the Beast-Inspired Track in Disney Racing Game

The new Beauty and the Beast-inspired race course in the forthcoming Disney Speedstorm will allow players to accelerate through the Beast's Castle

Disney announced earlier this year that it will collaborate with Asphalt producer Gameloft on Disney Speedstorm, a Mario Kart-style racing game that will allow players to race through places from iconic Disney films like as Monsters Inc. and Pirates of the Caribbean. Fans have now turned to social media to propose their favorite movies and characters to be featured in Disney Speedstorm, which was revealed during February's Nintendo Direct webcast, and with so many selections, there are plenty of heroes and villains the game might add. Indeed, the creators of Disney Speedstorm have been gradually revealing more circuits and characters for this future race across the Magic Kingdom, including Pirates of the Caribbean heroine Elizabeth Swann.

Beauty and the Beast will have its own racetrack, according to the official Disney Speedstorm Twitter account, which revealed the circuit in a stunning video. The beautiful course will lead players through the chambers and halls of the Beast's Castle, including the kitchen where the castle's inhabitants entertained Belle with the renowned musical performance "Be Our Guest." Racers will have to avoid hazards like gigantic spinning teacups and swinging golden pendulums along the route, and it looks like Belle and Beast will be playable characters, since the teaser shows them flying through the Beauty and the Beast course on their own karts.

Aside from Disney Speedstorm's imminent multiplatform release, it appears to be an exciting moment for Disney gaming lovers. A mobile-based RPG called Disney Mirrorverse will allow players to create their own teams of reimagined Disney heroes and villains to battle crystal-like monsters in a parallel world, and Gameloft is also working on a life simulator called Disney Dreamlight Valley, which will allow fans to interact with their favorite characters and rebuild classic Disney worlds. Kingdom Hearts 4 will almost certainly incorporate even more of these worlds into its ever-expanding universe, and there are reports that Xbox and Bethesda are working on numerous Disney properties in addition to the confirmed Indiana Jones game.

Meanwhile, Disney Speedstorm appears to be a promising kart racing that will allow fans of the House of Mouse to rip through their favorite movie settings, such as the dark and wonderful castle from Beauty and the Beast. The inclusion of the film in Disney Speedstorm seemed a foregone conclusion given how popular it remains among fans, and the newly-released Beauty and the Beast track depicts the exquisite appeal of the Beast's Castle pretty well. When Disney Speedstorm releases later this year, players will be able to sprint around the corridors of Beauty and the Beast's renowned castle.

Source: Disney Speedstorm/Twitter

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