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The Master Chief Pablo Schreiber Shows A Halo BTS Photo Of His Physique Looking Like A Greek God

Halo star from Paramount+ Pablo Schreiber flaunts his physique while preparing to play Master Chief in Season 2 of the video game adaptation.

Pablo Schreiber is a man known for his high-intensity roles. Known for Action Projects like 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Den of Thieves, and Skyscraper, roles like this require the actor to keep a physique of a very high standard. And on his new show where he portrays the lead role, Pablo Schreiber has had to train intensely to a very high standard for his Paramount+ show Halo.

The long-awaited live-action adaptation of the enormously successful video game franchise aired its first season earlier this year on Paramount+ after being in production for several years with multiple writers, directors, and other creatives, including Steven Spielberg at one time. Halo was eventually taken up for a television program by Showtime Networks, 343 Industries, and Amblin Television. Halo season 1 follows Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 as he begins his struggle against the alien Covenant that wants to destroy humanity.

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Halo for a lot of people was the game of the generation, the game of their childhood to put it bluntly, so when it was announced it was coming to live action a lot of people were excited. But when it debuted, well, to say it was not well received is an understatement. Go watch the trailer that was released for season 1 on YouTube and you will get a pretty good picture of what people thought of the show.

Viewers were frustrated with the deviation from the source material, stereotypical science fiction story tropes, and weak side characters. Many people were also upset because spectators saw a lot more of Master Chief than they did in the computer game, where he practically never removed his helmet. Despite unfavorable fan reactions, Halo was the second-most-watched original show on the streaming site. Halo season 2 is well underway, with showrunner David Wiener taking over for Kyle Killen and Steven Kane, who left during season 1's production.

Fans can now see Schreiber's intensive training for Halo Season 2 in a new Instagram shot as he prepares for his second stint as Master Chief. The actor shared what appears to be a post-gym photo, appearing much stronger than he did in season 1.

Although he seemed to be in terrific form in season 1, it appears that additional emphasis has been placed on bolstering his figure, pointing to an unmasked, unfit Master Chief in season 2. Fans may be surprised, as creatives have previously stated that they were 'listening' to criticism while making Halo season 2.

Nonetheless, creating a live-action adaptation of one of history's most successful video games is no simple task, and the Halo designers appear to be aware of this. Season 1 left a lot to be desired, from the changeover to the silver timeline to the dismal portrayal of Cortana, but season 2 appears to be increasing the ante, with new filming locations in Iceland and an expanded ensemble. The debut date for Halo season 2 has yet to be announced, but with new photographs from the set being posted, fans can only hope that their hopes will be realized when Halo season 2 premieres on Paramount+.

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