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The Movie Rights To Tomb Raider Have Been Put Up For Auction With Lara Croft Expected To Recast

A shocking turn of events has seen MGM put the Tomb Raider movie rights up for auction seemingly erasing any hope for a sequel for the 2018 movie and Alicia Vikander to be replaced

Following Green's hiring, the Tomb Raider sequel looked to gain traction. The director announced that the first draft of the script was completed in May 2015, and he even hinted at the film's title, "Tomb Raider: Obsidian." Green stated at the time that MGM had yet to approve the title and that she was attempting to moderate fans' expectations given how early the picture was in pre-production.

While news about the Tomb Raider reboot's sequel dried up quickly after that, Vikander assured fans that it was still in the works in July 2021. "The script has not yet been approved, but it is in the works. And I believe everyone is delighted, and I would want to return to Lara... Misha has agreed to participate and is already working on the screenplay. So I'm looking forward to reading anything soon "She stated.

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However, Vikander looked less certain about the future of her second Tomb Raider film, which is set to be released in May 2022, and indicated that the Amazon/MGM agreement may put a wrench in the works. "I have no idea what MGM and Amazon are up to. It's almost political now "She stated. "I think Misha and I were prepared, so it's in someone else's hands, to be honest."

But now we have a definitive, quite disappointing answer as MGM has decided to throw in the towel and relinquish its hold on the iconic video game franchise, reports Deadline. GK Films is now auctioning off the Tomb Raider licenses, with a bidding battle reportedly occurring between numerous groups. GK Films also revealed that Vikander will not return for the sequel to the series relaunch from 2018, which has been in the works since 2019. According to the source, MGM's decision not to retain the rights to Tomb Raider may be linked to the studio's acquisition by Amazon in May 2022.

It is quite sad to hear how all the plans and work that was already put in by Misha Green will never see fruition. From previous reports, the sequel was intended to dive deeper into the game's lore and see more of the Tomb Raider we all love. And Alicia Vikander portrayed Lara Croft amazingly and I would have loved to see what she continued to do with the character. It is disappointing overall because the Tomb Raider world has so much potential in it for so much more, and the Lara Croft character on her own is one of the most iconic characters created in general. I hope whatever studio gets it realizes the kind of property they have on their hands, the potential for so many amazing stories to be told, and do it justice in the end.

Source: Deadline

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