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The Never Seemingly Releasing Ubisoft Game Skull & Bones Gets Rating Following Leaks

Skull & Bones, Ubisoft's long-delayed pirate game, has finally been rated by the ESRB, prompting suggestions that an official release date might be announced shortly

Ubisoft revealed the sea-faring title in 2017, immediately garnering similarities to Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, with players traveling the oceans aboard gorgeous pirate ships and engaging in violent fights. While this intriguing notion has garnered a lot of attention, Skull & Bones has had its fair share of setbacks over the years. It was postponed from its planned 2018 release date, then again after Ubisoft stated that Skull & Bones will be totally redesigned from the ground up to seem like a hybrid between Fortnite and Sea of Thieves.

Hugues Ricour, the game's managing director, was ousted from Skull & Bones' production team in 2020 after many complaints of sexual harassment and misbehavior, while Skull & Bones' main director Antoine Henry left Ubisoft earlier this year. These changes in the game's production team at Ubisoft Singapore have many wondering if Ubisoft would scrap the project entirely, although the publisher has stated that Skull & Bones will be released at some point during its new 2022-2023 launch window.

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Skull & Bones is one step closer to release, according to VGC, owing to a new official rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board. This follows similar reviews in both Brazil and South Korea, where the ESRB rated Skull & Bones M for Mature owing to "blood, strong language, suggestive themes, drug use, and violence."

Skull & Bones will also have in-game purchases, but it's unclear if this will come via future DLC packs or the tiny microtransactions that have elicited mixed reactions from gamers.

According to recent speculations, Ubisoft may finally reveal more details about Skull & Bones during the Fourth of July weekend, including an official release date and fresh gameplay video. Ubisoft has launched a new Insider Program in search of Skull & Bones playtesters, implying that the game's development is likely further advanced than previously thought. Following its several delays and revamps, the developer has also placed a greater emphasis on Skull & Bones' multiplayer components, making it comparable to previous Ubisoft titles such as The Division. While the game has encountered several production snags, now that Skull & Bones has received an official ESRB classification, it may not be long until the problematic title sails.

Source: VGC

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