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The New "Wild Update" In Minecraft Had A Tiny Glitch Where Frogs Were Eating Goats

Frogs were added to the survival sandbox game with the Minecraft Wild Update, and a bug allowed the tiny critters to consume entire goats at one point

Despite the fact that it was first released in 2009, Mojang continues to update Minecraft on a regular basis. The Wild Update, the game's most recent upgrade, focused on expanding the game's block-based environments by adding two new biomes: mangrove swamps and the horrific Deep Dark. The new mangrove swamps in the game are lush biomes with shallow water and enormous mangrove trees. This new Minecraft biome is navigated by a boat with a built-in chest, as well as beautiful small animal frogs as an adorable new mob. However, the amphibious animals had a considerably more ravenous appetite at one time in their growth.

Frogs in the Wild Update could formerly devour goats, according to a Mojang development diary shared to YouTube by Minecraft. Frogs in-game consume microscopic slimes and magma cubes, but one development snapshot featured a peculiar glitch that allowed the amphibious mobs to devour goats instead, according to art director Jasper Boerstra and 3D artist Chi Wong. Given that the frogs are far smaller than Minecraft's blocky goats, this is a really amusing sight. Despite the fact that the frog's large mouth could fit a goat, the bug was eliminated before the Wild Update's formal introduction, according to Boerstra.

While the newest expansion was fairly strong, the Minecraft Wild Update's deleted features caused considerable anger when it went public on June 7. The Deep Dark and mangrove swamps were successfully provided, however other promised improvements such as fireflies and better birch forest biomes were not included in the upgrade. Mangrove swamps are too barren, and the Deep Dark gives underwhelming rewards, according to some Minecraft aficionados. Frogs are a cute addition to Minecraft that help make marshes and other biomes more atmospheric; yet, fans will always remember the infamous goat-eating Minecraft frogs from the past.

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