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The Predator Prequel Has Been A Massive Success And Is Chasing Down A Hulu Streaming Record

Prey, the Predator prequel starring Amber Midthunder, has already won over fans and reviewers alike and has reached a significant milestone on the streaming platform Hulu.

Prey depicts a teenage Comanche warrior and her tribe as they fight an extraterrestrial hunter in a time period hundreds of years before the original 1987 movie. Prey has the most viewers of any movie or TV show on Hulu in the US, according to the Disney-owned streaming service. As the film premiere with the most hours seen in its first three days of release, the prequel is also breaking records on the Latin American Star+ service and Disney+ under the Star banner in all other markets.

The fifth Predator movie, Prey, goes back to the series' beginnings by pitting a small squad of warriors against a lone, powerful alien being that is intent on annihilating all in its path. A young Comanche warrior named Naru, portrayed by Amber Midthunder, is looking for her position in her tribe, which also includes her brother Taabe, played by Dakota Beavers, a newcomer. To battle the hunter from beyond the stars, fur trappers, and the harsh yet stunning landscape of the northern Great Plains, she must utilize her brains, her cunning, and her dog Sarii.

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Considering that Prey is set millennia earlier, director Dan Trachtenberg wanted his earlier iteration of the Predator to evoke the same level of dread as when moviegoers first saw it in the 1987 picture. He said, "I wanted it to be scarier than we've seen it before. "It is technologically sophisticated and clever, which makes it even more challenging to defeat. But because the story takes place 300 years in the past, those technological advancements must feel both a little older than we've seen them before and still far more sophisticated than what we imagine modern humans to be capable of."

The original 1987 Predator, which was helmed by John McTiernan and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, spawned three sequels as well as a tie-in with the Alien series. Several actors from the first movie have appreciated Prey, including wrestling legend and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura, who portrayed heavy-gunner Blain Cooper in Predator and had nothing but appreciation for Midthunder. He tweeted, "Amazing, great movie. "You most certainly don't have time to bleed, Midthunder. Greetings from the Predator family." In the first movie, his character Blain is quoted as saying, "I ain't got time to bleed."

Prey has also become a hit with fans, with some calling it the "best Predator movie ever." It has already inspired fan art from artist Mike Scicluna, a former senior illustrator for Rockstar Games. His comic book cover tribute references a particularly bloody moment from Prey, and touts "The most feared Predator in the universe!"

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