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The Rock Has Continued Hyping Up Black Adam By Sharing A New Imposing Image of Dr. Fate

Dwayne Johnson, the actor of Black Adam, has shared an ominous image of Doctor Fate, a fellow newbie to the DCEU and member of the Justice Society of America.

Being less than 2 months away from releasing on big screens everywhere, the marketing train for Black Adam is rolling on strongly as it tries to hype up the movie before its release, (in the hope this one movie is able to save a dying franchise.) But when hyping up a movie, it does not hurt your project when you have the biggest marketing machine on this earth on your team, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Sharing a poster-centered image on his Twitter page of Pierce Brosnan's character and leader of the Justice Society of America, Doctor Fate. In the picture, Doctor Fate can be seen standing in front of a background made entirely of blue, appearing to prepare to cast a spell. Johnson tweeted a character statement with the image that said, "Fate does not make errors."

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Brosnan himself recently discussed Doctor Fate's powers, saying, "[Doctor Fate] has powers to foresee the future and raise the dead, and teleport, while wearing a gold helmet... It's a blessing and a curse. It's almost like drug addiction in some respects. It takes a lot of energy to wear the helmet." Doctor Fate isn't the only JSA member whose Black Adam actor talked about them.

Aldis Hodge, who plays Hawkman in the film, said he'd like to see the Winged Avenger have his own solo projects. "The thing about Hawkman, you'll know if you look at the chronology of the comic book series, you have the Justice Society, you even have him dip into the Justice League a little bit, and then you have the standalone Hawkman comics, and there's so much rich history there," Hodge noted.

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According to Johnson, the film will pave the way for spinoffs centered on other heroes, with the ultimate objective being to extend the DC Extended Universe and introduce new characters. Tying into Hodge's remarks, the JSA may have a future outside of Black Adam. We have a couple of ideas for the Black Adam characters that audiences will really connect with, so we are starting planning for that by saying, "Let's start thinking about that movie, and what that movie looks like for them."

Source: TheRock

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