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The Rumor That Jason Sudeikis Was Cast In Blue Beetle Has Been Debunked

The Jason Sudeikis Blue Beetle movie casting rumors have been officially denied, despite anticipation that he will portray Ted Kord

The never-ending loop of conjecture is becoming commonplace in the comic book movie genre. Whether it's about stories, costumes, or casting decisions, the DCEU isn't immune to rumors, which can sometimes create a misleading narrative about what WB is truly doing with its films. Sudeikis, who starred in Ted Lasso, was recently linked to the role of Ted Kord in Blue Beetle. A casting call had gone out asking for a body double with characteristics comparable to Sudeikis.

It didn't take long for the casting call to go viral online, despite the fact that neither Warner Bros. nor DC Films verified anything. The Sudeikis Blue Beetle casting rumor, on the other hand, has since been discredited. According to TheWrap's Umberto Gonzalez, Sudeikis is not only not portraying Kord in the DCEU picture, but he is also not in the cast at all. Take a look at Gonzalez's tweet below:

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While the Sudeikis casting rumor was debunked, there is evidence that the character of Ted Kord will appear in Blue Beetle. The first is that Kord Industries, Ted's firm in the comics, can be seen in the official Blue Beetle suit concept picture. Another important factor is that Susan Sarandon, one of the many confirmed cast members, is expected to play the villain Victoria Kord, an original character for the film. While Victoria will be the adversary, she will supposedly be Ted's wife. It's also worth remembering that Ted was Blue Beetle before Jaime in the comics.

Even though Ted isn't in Blue Beetle, it doesn't mean he won't feature in sequels, since the filmmaker has stated that he has ideas for future chapters. Given Ted and Jaimie's connections to the Blue Beetle mythos, it would be natural for Ted to appear later on. There is so much the Blue Beetle series could accomplish with that connection, whether he would suit up as well or coach Jaime along his heroic quest. With the premiere date of the Blue Beetle movie scheduled for summer 2023, the studio's intention for the film should become apparent over time.

Source: Umberto Gonzalez

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